You bring us a challenging position - we'll find the right person for it. That's the way it's been since 2009 and our approach still separates us from everyone else. What most people call headhunting, we call good conversation. Read on and discover more about us. Welcome!

IT-recruitment with a human focus.

We’re a small company in a fast moving business. We have a large network in a profession where relationships mean everything. If you ask us, there are no shortcuts to successful IT-recruitment. It’s all about connecting, but even more about staying connected. That’s the way we’ve been working since the very beginning; searching and connecting, with your goals in focus.

Our small size makes us easier to get go know and that’s just how we want it. We believe that effective IT-recruitment can only be achieved when we really understand each other. We know the IT-field. Inside and out. So the better we can understand your wants and needs, the better we’ll be able to fulfill them. For us, the dialogue never ends, because the way we see it, a good conversation is always the start of a long-term relationship. Enough about us. Now we want to hear more about you.


Anders Jönsson

CEO, Recruitment Consultant
mobile +46 73 981 68 70
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Gustaf Ericson

Recruitment Consultant
mobile + 46 72 157 49 89
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Hanna Ringqvist

Recruitment Consultant
mobile + 46 72 966 28 44
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SARA (1)

Sara Burman

Recruitment Consultant / Vice President
mobile + 46 70 824 91 50
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Mariolina Stålhös


Andreas Rasmuson

Recruitment Consultant
mobile +46 70 991 82 40
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Carl Kleine

Recruitment Consultant
mobile +46 73 320 43 24
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Mathilda Reinfors

mobile +46 70 854 39 79
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Stina (1)

Stina Lönnroth

Recruitment Consultant
mobile +46 73 862 96 49
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Vilma Hargéus

Recruitment Consultant
mobile +46 70 145 74 62
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Arvid Jönsson

mobile +46 70 991 82 10
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International IT-recruitment

We’re a part of Continental Search Alliance; a European network of likeminded recruiting agencies. Years of active cooperation across borders have generated international opportunities so that we better can do what we do best – create conditions for new meetings and relationships. You can find us in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, UKFrance, Japan and Singapore.

So, if you’re looking to expand outside of Sweden, we have a solution for your complete recruitment needs.